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Servicing fire extinguishers

If you need your fire extinguishers serviced in Jamaica, call us. Servicing of fire extinguishers includes the releasing and free flow of ammonia phosphate. it includes checking each cylinder to ensure that they are no leakage or rust which will pose as health hazards.

Cleaning and shinning which gives a worthy appearance to the extinguishers, especially those visible to guests.

Changing wear and tear materials when necessary, ensuring that all gauges are visible and in the green area, ensuring that all pins are in their locations, nozzles are cleared in order for free flow when distinguishing a fire and also replacing removed or damaged materials.

Servicing also includes the service date and type extinguisher tag, this states when the extinguisher was serviced or recharged.

Servicing a suppression system

Servicing a suppression system entails pulling down each and every nozzle and cleaning them to ensure the hose is free and not clogged. replacing wear and tear nozzle caps with the appropriate caps. checking all pull station glass rods to ensure that they are in place and not broken once the system is not fired.

Check all hoods to ensure that there are no garbage or anything being stored inside them. thoroughly cleaning all scissors hooks, fusible links, s-hooks and cable wires to ensure that they are free from grease and also to reduce excess grease build up. checking suppression tanks to ensure that they are operational and also free from grease or excess dirt build up and arming the system.

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